Friday, March 16, 2007

Louis Jordan

It's time to pay our respect to Louis Jordan. This record is uncharacteristic of his sound. No jump blues, but it's a swinging one-two punch nonetheless. The A-side, the standard "Paris Blues," is a lovely ballad with a sweet sax solo by Jordan. I'll send this out to our readers in France. In case you don't know, Paris in the springtime is cold and rainy. The B-Side is a mambo of the New Orleans classic. I first heard it as a slightly enlightened, yet ignorant teenager by another group of degenerate English record collectors. This version is smokin'. Dig the marimba and have a good weekend.

Download: GONE mp3

Download GONE mp3

*** Special Bonus ***

The Clash"Junco Partner" GONE
Professor Longhair"Junco Partner" GONE
Dr. John"Junko Partner" GONE

***Update 3-18 Thanks to Nick Hill***
Holy Modal Rounders "Junko Partner" GONE

*** Update 3-20 ***
Thanks to ZubZub over at Magic of Juju :
The late great Freddy Fender complete with
a shout out to "Malcolm" Rebennack...
"Junco Partner" GONE
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ZubZub said...

Very nice, thanks.

There's a good Junco Partner on this Freddy Fender album too...

Ted Barron said...


C. said...


i've got a version by James Wayne I could send you if you're interested--

great post-


Ted Barron said...

C. That'd be great. You can send it to my email address on my profile page. I've got some Roscoe Gordon 78's, I've been meaning to post, and your post the other got me thinking about it. Thanks, Ted

Canalh said...

in fact it's cold and rainy in every season in Paris...the kind of city you're dreaming about when you do not live there...Otherwise, nice song.