Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Jimmie Rodgers

It recently came to my attention that I've posted a scant few hillbilly or country records here on the flu. So, considering that a good portion of my collection of shellac are just that, I'll start today to pick up the hillbilly deficit with none other than Jimmie Rodgers, the father of country music. Labels don't really do justice to his contribution to music. Let's just call this music of the American vernacular, as you would about the photographs of Walker Evans, or the writing of Mark Twain. Rodgers, who only recorded for less than six years, has more in common with Blind Willie McTell, Louis Armstrong and Woody Guthrie, than the slick redneck neo-hipster posers of Music Row today. Doug Sahm said it best a few years back, when he took a poke at the current state of "country": "Who said Bob Wills' fiddles was a joke? All's you know it had been been replaced by laser beams and smoke..." None of that here. From the laudanum haze of the TB ward, I give you Jimmie Rodgers, The Singing Brakeman...

Download: GONE mp3

Download: GONE mp3

Download: GONE mp3

Download: GONE by Doug Sahm


Jimmie Rodgers on YouTube! Here, Here, and Here.
Buy Jimmie Rodgers music at Amazon
Buy Doug Sahm music, Here.
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burovan/voorfantastischezaken said...

hello mr. barron,
from holland with l...

there is nothing i do not like on bwflu

keep up the great work, it's a joy everyday.

ai to heiwa
chris den boer/rotterdam/the netherlands

Anonymous said...

Nope -- doesn't hurt a bit!

Thanks, in particular for Charlie Parker's "The Gypsy." Having just stumbled over Doug Sahm's version, it was lovely synchronicity.

Anonymous said...

Do you have Miss The Mississippi? That's my fave Jimmie tune right now, as I've been waltz-obsessive lately.

"We're gonna have a mess a chicken!"


Ted Barron said...

sadly, i don't. but i do have a version of dylan doing it from the same session as kaatskill serenade.
shall i email it to you?

Anonymous said...

Thanks -- it is swell. JR version on it's way to ya.

BTW, happy Charlie Parker's b-day.



Bobby D. said...

This is the best music blog ever!

Ted Barron said...


sroden said...

um... the bonus JR with the carter family... amazing... thanks mucho for posting that!!!!!

Reverend Frost said...

Yup, splendid !

Anonymous said...

ted where do you come up with this scratchy crap?! ain't you got nothin with no laser beams in it?? how bout some vangelis 78s?!

Ted Barron said...

The Magnificent Krane has spoken!