Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Smiley Lewis

A few weeks ago, I posted a couple of rockin' sides by Fats Domino, and was reminded of Smiley Lewis by a cat named Chedwick, over at Tangled Up In L' Heure Bleue, where there's something happening- but I don't know what it is. Sadly, I don't have Smiley's version of Blue Monday, but I do have this to offer, which is in my opinion his best single. From 1955, his biggest hit, with Huey Smith on the piano. Ched, here you go.

Download: GONE mp3

Download GONE mp3

************** Bonus ***************

Lazy Lester: GONE mp3
Dave Edmunds: GONE mp3

Buy at Amazon: Smiley Lewis, Lazy Lester, Dave Edmunds.


Unknown said...

Knocking is one of my favorite sexual euphemisms. I was so pleased when it resurfaced as knocki' boots amongst the surly misogynist rappers of our current day.

Ted Barron said...

what about bumpity bump?

Bobby D. said...

I really love Smiley--

Hop Skip and Jump! bumpity Bump-- who is doing the horn solo I wonder?

Ted Barron said...

probably "red" tyler. maybe lee allen, that's earl palmer on drums. it's a classic cosimo studio band and they swing.

Anonymous said...

More great tunes by players I had only a passing familiarity with. Thanks a lot, and keep them coming.