Saturday, March 24, 2007

Wee Willie Wayne

Photograph: © Robert Frank, New Orleans, 1955.

I couldn't find any actual photographs of James "Wee Willie" Wayne, so instead you are looking at a fine and iconic image image by Robert Frank, made at about the same time and place as this Imperial recording. Not much information on him either. He's originally from Texas, recorded a handful of sides for a handful of labels, and among those are two very influential recordings of New Orleans Rhythm and Blues: "Travelin' Mood" and "Junco Partner." There's a weird drum part on "Travelin' Mood," that almost sounds like a crack in the shellac- it is not.

GONE mp3

Download: GONE mp3

Download: GONE mp3

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More versions at THIS Post.

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Unknown said...

I forgot to tell you how nice it is to have the labels show up as the artwork in iTunes.

Feelin' real country after listening to these songs. I'm guessing Steve Pick will love it.

Ted Barron said...

thanks tony, for noticing the little things.


burovan/voorfantastischezaken said...

again great stuff!!

thank you and stay around please

Epaphroditus Bainton said...

i just happened on your website via, with the post on dylan and "love & theft." i've never ever heard of the version of cupid, and pretty much every single thing you've posted is opening a trunk of sounds to explore and investigate. thank you so much for these tracks - you're doing a great job, and the graphics are always a thrill too. thank you again!

skip heller said...

can you post "tryin' to find a girl like you"? had the 78 and dropped it.

many thanks --
skip h

Ted Barron said...

sorry skip, i don't have it, and i'm sorry you dropped yours!