Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sam Stone

Jerry Williams Jr. AKA Swamp Dogg is one of the great weirdos of American music. I'll get more into his records as an artist and producer in another post. In the meantime, here's his take on John Prine's composition "Sam Stone," the tale of a dope addicted Vietnam Vet. It's a great record, one that blurs the lines between Country/Folk and Soul music. It's about the song and the performance, both of which are perfect.


"Sam Stone" mp3
by Swamp Dogg, 1973.
available on Excellent Sides Of Swamp Dogg Vol.2

"Sam Stone" mp3
by John Prine, 1971
available on John Prine

"Sam Stone" mp3
by Laura Cantrell, 2004.
available on Future Soundtrack for America


R. Claude said...

A great song. Thanks !

R.D. said...

You left out Al Kooper's version.

Anonymous said...

Wanted to mention my appreciation of this blog.

Great songs, insight and photos. Keep it up, Ted!


bigsteveno said...

Swamp Dogg rules! The reissue of Total Destruction To Your Mind/Rat On is one of my most treasured CDs.

Anonymous said...

More Swamp Dogg! He is The Man!!