Thursday, February 28, 2008

New Post at Moistworks

A few weeks ago Alex Abramovich asked me to do an occasional post for Moistworks and offered to do the same here. I was excited and a little intimidated by the prospect, since it is like The Paris Review of mp3 blogs and they are all writers. However, I've taken the challenge, and while I don't consider myself a "writer," I do work in another descriptive medium that is not unlike writing. Besides, it's about the music. So, things are changing slightly here in Fluville. Don't be surprised to see other contributors here. Mike DeCapite (who is a writer) has posted a beautiful memorial to his friend Jim Jones, and there are other contributors on deck. I'll still be the primary voice here, but it may become a less singular one. Oh, and if you are wondering what that picture is about, go to Moistworks and check out my post, "Missed Communications."

and here's a track that didn't make the playlist.


"He'll Have to Go" mp3
by Ry Cooder, 1976.
available on Chicken Skin Music


Anonymous said...

I saw that. Congrats, Ted! Also, your last post was linked all over the place - rub off some of that good luck on me.

Ted Barron said...

thanks snuh.

Anonymous said... was "ok"
I felt you were nervous or off your game as it lacked the conviction and passion you often display here. Instead it just rattled off the band and songs and recited a lyric or two. Usually I find you giving a morsel or two about the artist or artifact.
This site is a real treat for me. I get some great tunes and an edumacation on the artist.
I bought those doc pomus discs after hearing those two songs.
Re: the telephone....What About 'no reply' by the BUZZCOCKS?

Have you heard carbon\silicon yet?
get right to it if not...

Anonymous said...

How about "Don't Hang Up" by the Orlons?