Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Post Valentine's Day Post

It's been a week now since Valentine's Day.

The flowers have all died and gone are the romantic delusions that have long since crumbled away like the icing on the cupcake that you maybe didn't get. What is this love shit? The evidence of its tortured nature is here below: Billie Holiday is saddened by the charade she is trying to keep up, Lonnie Johnson's poor heart is all confused, Dinah Washington is on the verge of tears, and The Cats And The Fiddle are pleading their case the only way they can - with a tipple and tenor guitar.


"I Can't Pretend" mp3
by Billie Holiday, 1936.
available on Billie Holiday

"Confused" mp3
by Lonnie Johnson, 1950.
available on 1949-1952

"Feel Like I Wanna Cry" mp3
by Dinah Washington, 1953.
available on The Complete Dinah Washington on Mercury, Vol. 3 (1952-1954)

"Please Don't Leave Me Now" mp3
by The Cats And The Fiddle, 1946.
available on Hep Cats Swing: Complete Recordings, Vol. 2 (1941-1946)


Anonymous said...

When I asked what is this love shit, I was pointed towards a Time article that says it's all hardwired into us - there goes all my romantic notions! What is this thing called love?

david j said...

There are 10 commandments of Love.....