Friday, May 22, 2009


I'm not really sure about the details of who Wolfmoon were, except that it is some type of consortium of Swamp Doggery on the Fungus record label. Rule of thumb: when buying records, if it's on the Fungus record label, it's probably a good one. "God Bless." and "My Kinda People," were both written, produced and arranged by Jerry Williams Jr., AKA Swamp Dogg.

This record is unusual in that they are both answer songs to two of Swamp Dogg's earlier compositions , or more precisely - clarification songs . On Swamp Dogg's classic LPs, Total Destruction to Your Mind and Rat On!, there are two numbers called, "God Bless America for What" and "These Are Not My People." Perhaps, the Dogg, not wanting to come off on a negative tip, decided to clarify things with this record, where he proclaims God's love through a child's bedtime prayer for, among others, Deputy Dog, Huckleberry Hound, Elmer Fudd and Mother Goose. On the flip side, he praises the down-home and kind kind of people that make a better kind of world.

These are the liner notes from the LP from which this single was taken:

Win with Pride and Glory, Lose with Style
and Grace and remember no matter how
good you are you can always be replaced.


God bless Swamp Dogg.


"God Bless" mp3
by Wolfmoon, 1973.
available on Blame It on the Dogg

"God Bless America for What" mp3
by Swamp Dogg, 1971.
available on Rat On!

"My Kinda People" mp3
by Wolfmoon, 1973.
out of print

"These Are Not My People" mp3
by Swamp Dogg, 1970.
available on Total Destruction To Your Mind


Ramone666 said...

Now that´s what I call a great find... thanks!

david j said...

I discovered Swamp Dogg by accident. In the seventies another guy named Jerry Williams did an excellent record called Gone, I still love this record. It was on Warners. I didn't know much about him and a friend told me he does records under the name of Swamp Dogg, I bought one, it wasn't the same guy but I didn't care.

Methodios said...

A 45 I've been searching for for 25 years is a recording of God Bless by Dexter Redding, Otis' son, done back in 1973. I had no idea it was a Swamp Dogg composition. Nice post.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I'd heard God Bless but not the flipside. Thanks - Swamp Dogg is excellent. W.

Jeff said...

For those interested ... "These Are Not My People" is a cover of a Joe South tune released a year earlier. Might be better than the original.

Jason Odd said...

WOLFMOON is Tyrone Thomas a.k.a. Little Tommy a.k.a Lil' Tommy, who Swamp Dogg (Jerry) recorded at Capricron studios in Macon in 1969.
This is the same band he would go on to use for his debut LP on Canyon, and Doris Duke's Canyon LP, among other projects.

Tommy is still out there, making music:

By the time Jerry issued it as a Wolfmoon LP, it was already four years old, of course Irma Thomas' album on Fungus was cut for Canyon in 1970 with the Capricorn house band as well. Fungus was kind of Dogg's attempt to get some records out after multiple delays.

Been menaing to drop you a line for a while, a good post.