Friday, May 8, 2009

Del Reeves

It's time to salute the late great Del Reeves. Sure, he's responsible for signing Billy Ray Cyrus, but I think Del regretted that long before he died. Franklin Delano 'Del' Reeves enjoyed a long and storied career as a member of the Grand Ole Opry, hosted his own TV show The Del Reeves' Country Carnival, where he frequently carried on like a Hillbilly Dean Martin, and he also cut two of the greatest truck driving records ever. Both of them are featured here, as well as some tracks from his long out of print live LP recorded at everbody's favorite North Hollywood Honky-Tonk, The Palomino Club.



"Looking At The World Through A Windshield" mp3
by Del Reeves, 1968.
available on His Greatest Hits

"Girl On The Billboard" mp3
by Del Reeves, 1965.
available on His Greatest Hits

"Belles of Southern Bell/A Dime At A Time" mp3
"Lonesome Rubin/Going Down The Road Feeling Bad" mp3
"Trucker's Paradise" mp3
by Del Reeves, 1974.
from Live At The Palomino Club.
out of print



"Lookin' At The World Through A Windshield" mp3
by Son Volt, 1996.
available on Rig Rock Deluxe


sonicwailer said...

Thanks for promoting Del!
He is one of the greatest forgotten entertainers of any genre. I wish someone would make a bio pic of Del showing him as the kindhearted talented showman that he was and ending with that bastard billy ray cyrus screwing him over.

Unknown said...

Here comes another Nashville great you're introducing me to. Who's the white trash from white trash forebears and who's the Clayton kid around here anyway?

Since I'm still mulling over Jerry Reed, I've been wondering which other acts would be considered Swamp Rock? Tony Joe White? I dig me some Tony Joe, because that's my name, Tony Joe Patti.

Unknown said...
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mandotodd said...

that son volt version is sure a killer!