Saturday, July 7, 2007


Today is 07/07/07.

Here are seven seven songs.

Numerology will cease in Fluville until further notice.

"The Magnificient Seven" by The Clash
from Sandinista, 1980.

"7 and 7 Is" by Love
from Da Capo, 1966.

"Seven Days" by Ron Wood
from Gimme Some Neck, 1979.

"Seven Lonely Days" by Patsy Cline
from The Patsy Cline Story, 1961.

"Seven Curses" by Bob Dylan
the Witmark Years, 1963.

"Seven Year Ache" by Golden Smog featuring Rosanne Cash
from Until You Came Along, 1995

"The Seventh Son" by Mose Allison
from Mose Allison Sings, 1959.

************** BONUS ***************

"Seven" by Bob Dylan
from Theme Time Radio Hour 33 Countdown, 2006.

"Stereo Sanctity" by Sonic Youth
from Sister. 1987.

"(I'm Your) Hoochie Coochie Man" by Muddy Waters
from His Best: 1947-1955, 1955.


Anonymous said...

Love your Blog! Keep up the great work. Your MP3s show up with the art, which most don't include.

Love the old blues stuff the most!

Anonymous said...

Wow, numerology and you didn't post 7-11 by the Gone All Stars!!!