Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Louis Armstrong & His Hot Seven

Here's a pair of hot sides from Pops himself, who celebrated his birthday today, July 4th. His actual birthday was on August 4th, but he didn't know it and it wasn't discovered until years after his death when his actual birth certificate surfaced. I like the idea of celebrating his birthday on the on the same day as the U.S.A.'s. Check out Johnny St. Cyr's guitar break on "Willie The Weeper."

Here you go...

Download: "Willie The Weeper" mp3

Download: "Weary Blues" mp3

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Bobby D. said...

i absolutely LOVE Louie Armstrong! I got a bio. for Xmas and it was pretty interesting. I love him.

Joe Thompson said...

Happy Birthday, Satch. Thanks for the music. I remember liner notes to an album referred to Louis as "the Darth Vader of the cornet". But they weren't talking about his personality.

Joe Thompson ;0)

Ted Barron said...

thanks joe, may the flu be with you.