Friday, June 22, 2007

The Stanley Brothers

Shifting gears again. While it may seem to some of you that these rapid genre shifts here in Fluville are extreme, they are indeed not. Basically, most everything here is 20th century American music, which means to say it is all in some way derivative of the blues. So, with that being said, it doesn't really matter if it's Benny Carter or Carter Stanley - as long as it is good. Today, it's The Stanley Brothers, from 1953. This music is so good it hurts. Ralph Stanley is playing tonite at the Prospect Park Bandshell in Brooklyn.

Download: "(Say) Won't You Be Mine" mp3

Download: "Our Last Goodbye" mp3

Stanley Brothers Photograph by John Cohen, 1961.
from There Is No Eye, Powerhouse Books, © 2000.

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C. said...


Did you see Ralph Stanley? I'm envious if so..


Ted Barron said...


I did go. I dragged my eight year old son who was appropriately bored by the opening act, and after seeing Ralph & The Clinch Mountain Boys asked me if I'd get him a Mandolin. It's these kinda things that make a dad proud. He was good. I'd never seen him before, but a lot of his show is devoted to his band while he stands and listens. He told some good corny jokes and stage patter, had a few "advertisements" mid-set for various items him and the boys were selling. He doesn't really play much banjo anymore, although he did a few numbers "claw-hammer" style, which was fantastic. The highlight for me was "Rank Strangers," which gave me goosebumps when he sang his high tenor harmony. His voice is not what it used to be, but can still be beautiful and spooky. The crowd was a little annoying, but I can't really complain when I get to see Ralph Stanley for free in Brooklyn. Okay, that's my review. Glad you asked.


C. said...


Sounds like a fine show. I wonder if that's how Dylan will ultimately wind up--an old man standing and listening to his band play, telling a few jokes. Sometimes he's pretty close to doing that already...