Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Glory of Love

"And the hits just keep on coming..."

The Sopranos
is over, and I must say I'm relieved. Never have I been so caught up in a show about people I cared so little about. Like Scorsese before him, David Chase used music to create a mood or distraction from what was happening on the screen. In one of the early seasons of the show, Tony is seen listening to CBS-FM. For those of you who don't live in the tri-state area, CBS-FM was the greatest oldies station in the country, with celebrity DJ's like Cousin Brucie, and more relevantly, Don K. Reed with his Sunday night extravaganza, Don K. Reed's Doo Wop Shop. So, getting back to the musical distraction to violence and homicide. I was talking last week with my friend Mike DeCapite, author of Through The Windshield, about these great songs and how Scorsese in particular has used them in his films, when Mike with his usual quick wit responded by saying, "I can't hear that stuff anymore without seeing four guys in sharkskin suits stomping on someone's head." While I don't know if that's applicable to today's selections, it is a jarring image. Below, we have a fine sampling from the golden age of vocal groups. Try not to imagine the violence. Instead, open the windows, let the warm summer wind drift in, listen to to sound of the city outside, turn off the lights, lie down and float away.

Download: "The Glory Of Love" mp3

Download: "In My Lonely Room" mp3

Download: "Deep Sea Blues" mp3

Download: "Stranded In The Jungle" mp3

Download: "Hey Senorita" mp3

Download: "Don't You Think I Ought To Know" mp3

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Moistworks has more versions of "Stranded In The Jungle" Here.

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Sandra D said...

Thanks a lot, Ted. Now I've got the rockin' pneumonia. *cough*

I went all the way through your archives and really enjoyed the music and the info.

Great blog!