Tuesday, April 29, 2008

New from the Jews

Here's one from the forthcoming Silver Jews record.
Like all of David Berman's songs, it contains some winning lyrics.

Case in point:

Pain works on a sliding scale
So does pleasure in a candy jail

True love doesn't come around

anymore than fate allows

on a Monday in Ft. Lauderdale.


"Candy Jail" mp3
by Silver Jews, 2008.
available on Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea


not new:

"Inside The Golden Days of Missing You" mp3
by Silver Jews, 1996.
available on The Natural Bridge

"Honk If You're Lonely" mp3
by Silver Jews, 1998.
available on American Water

"Death of an Heir of Sorrows" mp3
by Silver Jews, 2001.
available on Bright Flight

"I'm Gonna Love The Hell Out of You" mp3
by Silver Jews, 2001.
available on Tennessee

"I'm Getting Back Into Getting Back Into You" mp3
by Silver Jews, 2005.
available on Tanglewood Numbers

photo: Hollywood, CA, 1987. © Ted Barron


Steven B. said...

"I know that a lot of what I say has been lifted off from men's room walls..."

Thanks for these!

Devo said...

I'd never heard "I'm gonna to love the hell out of you" - what a beautiful, sloppy track! Thanks much.