Saturday, April 12, 2008

At The Crossroads

and now a word from Doug Sahm...


"Yesterday Got In The Way" mp3
by Sir Douglas Quintet, 1970.
available on 1+1+1=4: Return of Doug Saldana

"Poison Love" mp3
by Doug Sahm and Band, 1973.
available on Doug Sahm and Band

"At The Crossroads" (alt mix) mp3
by Sir Douglas Quintet, 1969.
available on Mendocino


"At The Crossroads"
by Mott The Hoople, 1969.
available on Mott the Hoople

photograph: Natchez Bus Station, 1988. © Ted Barron


Anonymous said...

What were you doing on that bus?

Ted Barron said...

Well, anonymous, it's a long story.

I was boarding the Highway 61 local in Natchez, which stops at every Mississippi Delta bustop between there and Memphis, where I boarded another bus to St. Louis. I was dropped off at the the Natchez bus station after a disagreement with the people I was traveling with. I was young and just out of college trying to figure out what to do with myself. We were on our way to California when I deboarded.I did eventually make it there, after a brief stay in St. Louis where I met my future ex-wife. While in California, I got homesick for NYC while reading about the Tompkins Square Riots, and eventually made it back here. I was, you could say, at a crossroad in my life. The funny thing is I find myself in a very different yet similar situation 20 years later. So there you have it the long and the short of it.