Thursday, November 1, 2007

Five Guys Named Slim

There's something in a nickname.

Some guys are called "Tex."
Some guys are called "Shorty."

These guys are all called "Slim."


"I'm A King Bee" mp3
by Slim Harpo, 1957.
available on The Excello Singles Anthology

"Cement Mixer ((Put-Ti-Put-Ti)" mp3
by Slim Gaillard Trio, 1945.
available on Cement Mixer, Putti, Putti

"Life Is Like That" mp3
by Memphis Slim, 1951
available on The Very Best of Memphis Slim

"Sugar Plum" mp3
by Lightnin' Slim, 1955.
Out of Print

"New Arrival" mp3
by Guitar Slim & His Playboys, 1951
available on: Guitar Slim 1951-1954

****** Bonus Slim *******


"Hate This Town" mp3
"Cooler Then" mp3
"Nowheres Near" mp3

by Slim Dunlap, 1996.
available on Times Like This
Out of Print
burned copies available from Twin/Tone Digital


bbb said...

thanks for Sugar Plum

C. said...

Seconded. "Sugar Plum" is fantastic.

& had no idea Slim Dunlap had a solo record...

hope all's well, ted--


jklehe said...

There's another "Slim" I used to catch at "Eli's Mile High Club" in Oakland, Ca in the late 80's - early 90's who went by the name of "Paris Slim," an art school dropout from Paris, Fr (not Tx) Here's his bio - Paris Slim

Hasselhoff said...

GREAT post.

Here are a couple more Slims for all you fans.

Sunnyland Slim - Brown Skin Woman
TV Slim - Flat Foot Sam

multielvi said...

And let us not forget Root Boy Slim!