Monday, April 23, 2007

Tampa Red

Tampa Red was a triple threat. He played bottleneck guitar, piano, and as heard on these recordings, the kazoo. He also wrote some great songs, many of them of the double entendre variety, including "Let Me Pet Your Poodle" and "Let's Get Drunk and Truck." Today's selection, from 1949, "When Thing's Go Wrong With You" will be familiar to you as the Elmore James number: "It Hurts Me Too," from Elmore's last session with Bobby Robinson in New York City a few months before his death in 1963. It was released posthumously and was a hit on the R&B Charts in 1965.

Download: "When Things Go Wrong With You" mp3

Download: "Come On, If You're Coming" mp3

Download: Elmore James "It Hurts Me Too" mp3

******************** Bonus **********************

Two of these three Greenwich Village folkies recorded
their own versions of "It Hurts Me Too" a few years later.

Download: Bob Dylan "It Hurts Me Too" mp3

Download: Karen Dalton: "It Hurts Me Too" mp3

Photograph: Bob Dylan, Karen Dalton, and Fred Neil at the Cafe Wha? 1961
© Fred McDarrah

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Tampa Red, Elmore James, Bob Dylan, and Karen Dalton.


paycheck said...

I love an old Fred McDarrah photo, bro. Reminds me of one of my all-time favorite books, The Beat Scene, half Fed, half forgotten beatnik poets.

Ted Barron said...

I love an old Fred McDarrah photo too. His archive must be truly amazing. I got him to sign an old paperback book once called "The Artist Scene" or something like that. He wrote a really nice inscription for Kit. "For a real artist..."

snimm said...

Fifty plus years on the planet and I thought I knew some stuff. Thank you for helping me discover all this music I've never heard before. Karen Dalton is a revelation, and I'm really kind of shocked that I'd never heard of her considering the company she kept. If you have any more and feel like sharing, I'd be a happy guy. (Maybe you can save some of this sentiment for your next "Blue Monday".)

Ted Barron said...

like you, i learn things everyday. i discovered karen dalton relatively recently myself. i highly recommend either of her records, which have been re-issued. if i find the oppurtunity, i'll post a few more of her tracks. thanks for tuning in.

Slackjack said...

One of my all time favourite songs. Thank you so much for this blog, you have some amazing stuff. Having spent the past quarter century recovering the music from my lost collection, you have helped fill in some "gaps". I also try to collect the original recording of a song, hopefully by the songwriter.

I too only came upon Karen Dalton early this year - she may be the latest overnight success - even if her 'overnight' has been longer than Rip Van Winkle's little snooze