Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Hank Williams B-sides + Luke The Drifter

I can clearly remember the first time I heard Hank Williams. I was probably 9 or 10 and in my father's car listening to WIL in St. Louis. Country radio was still listenable in those days. It was the mid-70's. In between Donna Fargo and Glen Campbell, they played an oldie. I think it was "Why Don't You Love Me" or maybe "Your Cheatin' Heart." Anyway, it was so real and so great, I was transfixed. I stored that information away, and five or six years later bought Hank's 40 Greatest Hits and that was what I knew of him for quite a while. Today's selections are B-Sides of some of Hank's MGM singles, none of which are on that 40 Greatest Hits record, which if that's all he did in his short life, it would have been remarkable. But as I found out later, that's just the tip of the iceberg. In addition we get a Luke The Drifter single, which was Hank's alter-ego for his spoken word recordings.

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Download GONE mp3

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Download: GONE mp3

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sroden said...

wow... never heard the luke the drifter stuff. these are all great! i remember being a punk rocker and finding a sun faded cover cassette at a garage sale called something like hank williams sings the blues, it's still my favorite comp of his songs and never been re-issued with those songs in that order.. his voice is absolutely nuts!!!!!

Ted Barron said...


i, too, was a punk rocker who liked country music. not cool among my friends. and not cool to like punk rock where i lived. ostracized twice!
times have changed. i think it's better now, but i'm not sure. stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

I always liked Hank Williams and Bob Wills--probably since my dad sang all their songs --he was also into Woody Guthrie. At school these people were total unknowns--it was so uncool to listen to Hank Williams when I was older, a teen--I had to listen in secret.

justin k. said...

i just wanted to post a general comment saying your blog is fantastic! i love that you're posting things from old 78's and such. your post of Little Willie John's "Spasms" even sounds better than the cheap King reissue CD i have! excellent stuff! thank you!

The DoorKeeper said...

I had the double album 40 greatest, too, and my dad had an MGM EP with I Saw The Light on it which was where I started.

The original Thin White Duke.

I've been enjoying your blog since I wandered in wondering a couple of weeks ago, Ted, and particularly your Valentines selection



Ted Barron said...

thanks stu!