Thursday, October 22, 2009

Jack Kerouac

Jack Kerouac died forty years ago yesterday.

... Dizzy or Charley or Thelonious was walking down the street, heard a noise, a sound, half Lester Young, half raw-rainy-fog that has that chest-shivering excitement of shack, track, empty lot, the sudden vast Tiger head on the woodfence rainy no-school Saturday morning dumpyards, "Hey" and rushed off dancing.

Jack Kerouac, from "The Beginning of Bop"
originally published in Escapade, April 1959.



"Fantasy: The Early History of Bop" mp3
by Jack Kerouac, 1959.
available on On The Beat Generation

"México City Blues - Charlie Parker" mp3
by Jack Kerouac and Steve Allen, 1958.
available on Poetry for the Beat Generation

"Poems from the Unpublished Book of Blues" mp3
by Jack Kerouac with Al Cohn and Zoot Sims, 1958.
available on Blues and Haikus


"Salt Peanuts" mp3
by Dizzy Gillespie and his Orchestra, 1945.
available on Charlie Parker: A Studio Chronicle 1940-1948

"Melancholy Baby" mp3
by Charlie Parker and his Orchestra, 1950.
available on The Complete Verve Master Takes


"Medley: Jack & Neil / California Here I Come" mp3
by Tom Waits, 1977.
available on Foreign Affairs


Photograph: Jack Kerouac, c. 1962.
by Robert Frank


Kerouac fan said...

Thanks for marking the anniversary of Jack's death, I had forgotten - I'm not very good on dates. Very good tribute page. For Kerouac threads/discussion groups try searching through 'Yahoo! Groups' to Subterraneansgroup and Beat_Happening.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I dig but no "The Hunt" -Dexter Gordon and Wardell Gray, maybe too obvious. I saw the scroll recently at a visiting exhibition, it's an amazing artifact.

Good recent discussion here -