Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Billy Lee Riley Needs Your Help

This notice originally appeared on the Rockabilly Hall of Fame site:

Billy Lee Riley, one of the remaining original Sun Records artists is in VERY bad need of help! Billy has had his share of health problems, and is now battling Stage FOUR bone cancer.

Although MusiCares is helping with house payment, car and such, He and Joyce are totally out of money and can barely afford to eat. This is a CALL FOR HELP to all musicians and fans. Please remember, twenty bucks from all of us would make a HUGE difference in Billy's life! What if this was you? Let's all get together and send something today to Billy and Joyce and show them that he means alot to us. If you have a website, a facebook or myspace, please post this need for help on it! We can't save the world, but it will mean alot in Billy Lee's life!

His Address is:

Billy Lee Riley
723 Crest Drive
Jonesboro, Arkansas 72401

Or Donate via PayPal to


"Flying Saucers Rock n' Roll" mp3
by Billy Lee Riley, 1957.
available on Red Hot: The Best of Billy Lee Riley

"Red Hot"
by Billy Lee Riley, 1957.
available on Red Hot: The Best of Billy Lee Riley

"Wouldn't You Know" mp3
by Billy Lee Riley, 1958.
available on Red Hot: The Best of Billy Lee Riley

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A.A. said...

Thanks for posting the info. I just listened to some of his music 2 weeks ago, time to crank it up again and send something to Billy!

Anonymous said...

My money is under way by tomorrow.

Tom G. said...

The check, as is said, is in the mail. This time I actually mean it. Billy Lee has been played regularly in my house for the last 25-30 years. This man is a true rockabilly legend if there ever was one.

Thanks for the post and call to arms.

Anonymous said...

Indeed the check is in the mail. This really sucks in a huge way. His music is among the finest ever recorded.

Bobby Sutliff

Anonymous said...

My eight month old daughter thinks Red Hot is the finest thing. My money is on its way. Thanks for the notice. W.

Unknown said...

For anyone who is interested and in the Pocahontas, AR area, which is Billy Lee's hometown, we are organizing a benefit scheduled for August 8th, 2009 at the Randolph County Music Theater with all proceeds going to help Billy Lee. Anyone who is interested in this can contact Bill Masiongale at 870-892-9022. We hope everyone will come out and join us for a night of great music and to support the cause of this wonderful man.

Anonymous said...

The benefit is at the Randolph Music Theater, not Randolph County

Anonymous said...

Billy ,Sadly passed on Aug. 2 2009 Thanks for the music