Friday, June 6, 2008

Bo by Others

Okay here's some mo' Bo. This time performed by others. First up, four rave-up garage rock versions, then a couple by the Rolling Stones (early and later) a classic from The New York Dolls, a Buddy Holly track (that was later gussied up and released posthumously), and an anonymous recording rescued with other tapes from a pile of dirt by writer and archivist Robert Gordon when the original Stax studio was razed in Memphis in 1989.

"gonna put some dirt in your eye."


"Who Do You Love" mp3
by The Preachers, 1965.
available on Pebbles, Vol. 1

"Road Runner" mp3
by The Pretty Things, 1964.
available on Pretty Things

"Diddy Wah Diddy" mp3
by The Remains, 1965.
available on The Remains

"I'm A Man" mp3
by The Litter, 1966.
available on Distortions

"Cops and Robbers" mp3
by The Rolling Stones, 1964.
Live at the BBC

"Crackin' Up" mp3
by The Rolling Stones, 1977.
available on Love You Live


"Pills" mp3
by The New York Dolls, 1973.
available on New York Dolls


"Bo Diddley" (undubbed) mp3
by Buddy Holly and The Crickets, 1958.
available on What You Been A-Missin'


"Bo Diddley" mp3
by Drunk Man #2
date and artist unknown
from Ghosts Of Stax Past
not available



Anonymous said...

there's a much better version of the Stones Crackin' Up on the BBC LP (from '63) I'd send it but my cd burner died and I have no usb plugs on any of my turntables.
Also a the Ronnie Hawkins version of Who Do You Love on Roulette from '60 (w/Robbie "I've got the publishing" Robertson best ever guitar playing) is a must. That one I can send if you don't have it.

R. Claude said...

A GGGgggreat selection ! Thanks.

Ted Barron said...

i've never heard the other stones version, but i've always been fond of this one and the whole el mocombo lp side. i have the ronnie hawkins thing and almost put it up, when i remembered the preachers take with the greatest three part scream ever recorded. i'll have to give robbie's solo another listen. my favorite of his early solos is on "she's 19 years old" in my october 16th post.

Anonymous said...

Neat selection, thanks!
By the way, the complete Chess sessions (10++ CDs) are available here:
Highly recommended!

shadreck said...


Enjoying your blog enormously and the Stones' "Crackin up". More power to you.


Jer.Eps said...

anonymous, Bo would say, "Don't write no checks with your mouth that your ass can't cash!"

Here's the Crackin' Up you mention:

Jim Russell said...

I went to the Eric Clapton concert at Jones Beach on Thursday, and he announced "This one's for Bo" before launching into "Before You Accuse Me". After all these years of listening to the Clapton and John Fogerty versions of this song, I never realized that Bo wrote it. I guess the "E. McDaniel" credit threw me.

Timmy said...

Thanx to dr. feelgoed for the most excellente link... Also to THIS HERE blog, Totally primo... But, y'all have left out one of The World's Best Bo Diddley Covers: "Diddy Wah Diddy" by Captain Beefheart. Much superior to the Remains...

Ted Barron said...


the beefheart version was my first choice, then i considered the sonics, but finally deferred to the remains, for whom i've always had a soft spot.

you can't please everyone.


Anonymous said...

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