Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Keith

Keith Richards is 64 today. That's like 128 for you and me. Let's celebrate with a few collaborations he's done over the years outside of his main gig.


"A Deuce and A Quarter" mp3
Keith Richards and Levon Helm, 1997.
available on All the King's Men

"Say It's Not You" mp3
George Jones and Keith Richards, 1994.
available on Bradley Barn Sessions

"Tanqueray" mp3
Johnnie Johnson with Keith Richards, 1991.
available on Johnnie B. Bad

"That Kind of Fool" mp3
Jerry Lee Lewis with Keith Richards, 2006.
available on Last Man Standing - The Duets

"Little Queenie" mp3
Keith Richards and Jerry Lee Lewis, 1983.
available on Rolling His Own (bootleg)

"Let it Rock" mp3
Rockpile with Keith Richards, 1978
available on Elvis Goes To Washington
Dave Edmunds and Rockpile Don't

"Worried Life Blues" mp3
Keith Richards and Ian Stewart, 1977.
available on Rolling His Own (bootleg)

"Dark Eyes" mp3
Bob Dylan, Ron Wood, and Keith Richards, 1985
Backstage at Live Aid.

"Over The Rainbow" mp3
Keith Richards and Bobby Keys, 1981.


Anonymous said...

That's a damn fine Richards collection. Happy birthday, Keef - mind the coconut trees!

rignana said...

thoughtful, affectionate, and very well chosen.
Made my day - let's hope it makes his!

Unknown said...

Damn kind thoughtful & outrite festive of you to post those links. Gratefully accepted and added to the Keef Kollection. Happy Birthday to the Oldest Sod of all. Keep on rockin!

Bobby D. said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

Anonymous said...

just found your site--it is amazing! thanks so much for the chance to hear these gems!

Wornoutmorgan said...

,,,,, and of course happy birthday to me too. I wonder if I also will live forever as it appears Keith plans to do. Maybe it is an 18th December thing. There are worse people to be stuck with for all eternity...

Anonymous said...

Page not foud again... Problem from Jan 2008 to at least Dec 2007. Don't be cruel, what's wrong with your ftp, these tracks are there but they aren't there. I can't get (No satisfaction)
Thanks anyway, wonderful collection you share with us

Ted Barron said...

Sorry, these mp3s are no longer active.