Thursday, May 3, 2007

Bo Diddley

I've been feeling a little uninspired to post in the last week or so.

So, when in doubt, you can't go wrong with Bo Diddley. This record was the follow-up to his debut single, "Bo Diddley" and it's B-side "I'm A Man", which we heard a few weeks ago in the Jerry McCain post. "Diddley Daddy" features the Moonglows on backing vocals. And as an added bonus, a clip of Bo from the Ed Sullivan Show, in November 1955. Bo pissed off the humorless and condescending Sullivan by Playing his own # 1 song, instead of Tennessee Ernie Ford's "Sixteen Tons" as Sullivan had instructed him to do.

Early guerrilla rock and roll TV.

Dig it.

Download "Diddley Daddy" mp3

Download: "She's Fine, She's Mine" mp3

Bo Diddley

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Anonymous said...

Oh man, don't be uninspired! I love your blog. It has made me want to put out my own 78 rpm record--seriously.

Ted Barron said...

I don't know who you are, but if you put out a 78rpm record, i will post it on "the flu."

Anonymous said...

It shall be done.

Ted Barron said...

i can't wait. please be good.

Adam Holland said...

If you haven't heard Bo's Bounce, check it out...absolutely amazing!!

John said...

"Bo's Bounce" is truly is "Untitled Instrumental". "She's Fine, She's Mine" (basically Bo's version of his own "you don't love me" has one of the best Chess sounds EVER.

Phaota said...

If you want a clean version of "She's Fine, She's Mine", get in touch with me at I'll send you a copy. No noise, clicks or scratching.

Anonymous said...

The great "Untitled Instrumental" was played as between-innings music at Yankee Stadium circa 1989. What a joy to hear at the ballpark!