Monday, January 15, 2007

Geographical Theory of Musical Relativity

In 1953, Joe Turner cut "TV Mama" featuring Elmore James on lead guitar. It's a fine record. I'm not sure who plays on the flipside as there is little documentation for this session. Sounds like the same band, possibly Elmore James in a non-slide, non-lead role. What's interesting is the piano intro is almost a copy of Elmore's signature riff transposed to the piano.

If you take a map, and draw a line from 18th and Vine in Kansas City where Joe Turner got his start, to Lillian McMurry's radio shop in Jackson, Mississippi where Elmore James fixed radio's until Ms. McMurry decided to start Trumpet Records and use Elmore as a sideman, and cut that line in half, you might end up right near Kingsland, Arkansas, where Johnny Cash author of "Home of the Blues", was born.

"TV Mama" mp3

"Oke-She-Moke-She-Pop" mp3



Anonymous said...

Have never heard this version of "Oke-She-Moke-She-Pop." It's terriffic; perhaps it's an upbeat juke box cut.

Unknown said...

It's The Original 78rpm. I also had the 78. Either an alternate take or just an older recording, since 45 records weren't available until 1949.