Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day From All Your Friends At The Boogie Woogie Flu


"Mother Popcorn" mp3
by James Brown, 1969.
available on Star Time

"Answer to Mother Popcorn" mp3
by Vicki Anderson, 1969.
available on Mother Popcorn: The Vicki Anderson Anthology


Anonymous said...

Good Gawd!

Anonymous said...

I love this video. It's great, this is hard working, true seude. 3 notes.

1 - Thanks to God the floor is made of inox steel; if it isn't, he'd make a hole in to China.
2 - SaintClair, Fred, too cool; but and over that's all, the RAP DUO with Maceo. Too Funky
3 - His clothes are real avant-garde. They go two steps beyond the dark classic suit

bigsteveno said...

That clip is completely astounding! It literally brought tears to my eyes and chills to my spine. Look at how serious the Godfather is. He's totally in charge and completely on top of his game here. This funk is for real and it's not to be toyed with.

I wonder what the deal is on tghe second drummer sitting out. That's Clyde playing right?

Really thanks for this. It made my day.

jellyrollfortheearhole said...

Godfather, indeed!

It's amazing to see Brown at his peak where every move, every scream and screech (love his high saxophone-like shrieks), every shout is golden. The band is mad tight. (Are they counting? How does Maceo do it?)

Brilliant. Thanks for sharing!

flo said...