Friday, March 20, 2009

What Me Worry?

My apologies for the silence of The Flu. I've been in a state of suspended digiflux - stuck between the digital world and my analog ways. I've been switching my computers and my cameras - and in my line of work, that's a major hassle - grappling with the elusive ones and zeroes that control our modern lives. That, and the timely crash of my server has kept things static. I'm still working out the bugs. I'm writing this and posting today because I care - really I do - despite what today's selections may otherwise suggest.

"I Don't Care" mp3
by Reigning Sound, 2001.
available on Break Up Break Down

"I Don't Care" mp3
by the Ramones, 1977.
available on Rocket to Russia

"Careful" (I Don't Care) demo mp3
by Television, 1975.
available on Double Exposure

"Do You Think That I Really Care?" mp3
by the Rolling Stones, 1978.
available on Place Pigalle Vol. 1


david j said...

Links not working.

Ted Barron said...

They were. I think it's a server issue again. Check back later.

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S.M.Vidaurri said...
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Anonymous said...

Lucky your good stuff is back...I enjoy a lot thru your oldies...and not so oldies!..after all music is always fresh whn you feel it ;-)

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