Thursday, February 12, 2009

My 45's

by Will Rigby

My vinyl-to-digital conversion arrangement never worked very well and is at the moment completely nonexistent. However, back in the good old days of 2005 I transferred a handful of 45s to digital.

"Are You Glad To Be In America?" mp3
James Blood Ulmer
Rough Trade (1980)

This is one of the most ferocious and wonderful pieces of music ever committed to tape/vinyl, and is very hard/expensive to find. It pulls off the feat of being joyous, melancholy, avant garde, and danceable all at the same time. I have been unable to find an mp3 of it elsewhere, so this post is a public service. A must-hear for everyone. Amazing singing, guitar, two drummers, arrangement.


"Talkin' 'bout My Friends" mp3
A. C. Reed (1966)
Nike Records

Reed was a sax player with artists like Earl Hooker and Albert Collins. He appears as a member of Buddy Guy's band in the film Festival Express. I don't know much about him, but this record (that I don't even remember buying) is one of my favorites. Some of the most down-home singing I've ever heard.


"Tandoori Chicken" mp3
Ronnie Spector
Apple (1971)

Produced by Phil Spector, written by George Harrison and Phil Spector (a chore that couldn't have taken more than a few minutes), and an illustrious member of Phil's tradition of non-LP B-sides (of "Try Some Buy Some"). Sounds like it didn't take very long to record.


"Uptown Top Ranking" (mono)
Althia and Donna
Sire (1978)

This was a #1 UK hit by a teenage duo from Jamaica. There are other versions of this, one with other instruments added to this version, and a completely different (apparently re-)recording that sounds more 80s. This is the original, mono single version.


"The Mumbler Strikes Again" mp3
Clark Terry
Mainstream (1966)

Legendary jazz trumpeter Terry made a few of these mumbling tracks, but this is the only one I've heard. Very scratchy—the full 45 experience.



Anonymous said...

are the althia & donna images included in your post on the same 45" sleeve? the name, althia, is spelled different on the bottom one. great music! thanks!

wastedpapiers said...

Thanks for James Blood Ulmer track. Good to hear again!

Karate Boogaloo said...

Thanks Ted & Will. Good stuff!

Euclid Joe said...

Easily Clark Terry's best (of many) "Mumbles". A wonderful version and a wonderful man. Same can be said for Mr's Rigby and Baron!

Duncanmusic said...

very cool Will...Ac Reed used to play at The Red Creek Inn in Rochester...I used to have a couple LPs of him...did some stuff with Bonnie Raitt...wasn't he Jimmy Reed's brother?
Cool to hear the James Blood Ulmer track seems to me there was a remake of this on Columbia but it didn't have the power this one did. It's been a long time.
The Ronnie Spector has always been a favorite of mine. Have you ever heard HER version of "It's A Heartache"? Beats Bonnie Tyler to bits...or her GREAT Buddah 45 "Lover, Lover" with Hugh McCraken's VERY cool slide? It al,ost sounds like George Harrison playing...I'd never heard the Clark'd I miss that?Nice to hear the original Uptown Ranking...only had & heard the Sire US 45 & dub before
excellent post from aman I'vre enjoyed seeing all over many of the same blogs I haunt

Steve Pick said...

I can't wait to listen to these when I'm at home - I love the version of "Are You Glad To Be In America" from Ulmer's Columbia trio album a few years after this - one of the hardest-hitting songs about this country and its sins and pleasures.

Michael Duggan said...

Thanks a million for the James Blood Ulmer. I remember when I got his '84 album "Odyssey" which has a revisitation of the track "Are You Glad To Be In America" on it. It's a masterful album. Highly recommended if you can find it. My other favorite is "Please Tell Her" Just beautiful. Thanks, Ted Barron for the excellent blog.
- Michael D

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Althea and Donna. Oneof my favourite songs (the other version) and this one is also cool.

Chris Peacock said...

Thanks for posting the James Blood Ulmer. I have two vinyl versions that I haven't heard in too long. Great to hear this again

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Althea and Donna. The original is my favorite and it's harder to find. I find that in the newer version they sound rather sedated.