Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thank You Friends

Happy Thanksgiving from all of your friends
at the Boogie Woogie Flu.


Anonymous said...

Happy Turkey Day to you!

Anonymous said...

thank you for doing this blog, always enjoyable and informative! what do you know of the "don't worry baby" fragment on "thank you friends:ardent records story" i couldn't find any info on it and it is the most beautiful little thing. thanks again

fantom said...

Thank you too for spotting that. Makes for nice holiday treat.

BATMAN said...

That's so cool. Thanks so much for this and all your posts. I'd be curious to hear your take and that of other Big Star fans on what Sister Lovers sequencing you prefer. On the version of 3rd that came out in 1978 "Thank You Friends" sounds so bitter and ironic (and perfect) as a closer, I was surprised to read the liner notes when Rykodisc reissued in the early 90s that Alex intended for it to be an early track on the album. The way it ends especially makes it sound like it wasn't intended as a happy thank you. Thoughts?

Anonymous said...

A very happy thanksgiving to you as well. You've got a truly great blog, thanks.

Ted Barron said...


For me "Thank You Friends" does belong at the end of the album, and is a little on the bitter side or maybe bittersweet. This video clip is strange, in that it features Chris Bell and the band from #1 Record, NOT the band on "Thank You Friends." I did however post it with earnest thanks, and not ironic "probability."

I could never get behind the sequencing on the Ryko version of this LP. For those who don't know, this is the sequencing from the 1978 version of this record:

Side 1

1. Stroke It, Noel
2. For You
3. Kizza Me
4. You Can’t Have Me
5. Night Time
6. Blue Moon
7. Take Care

Side 2

1. Jesus Christ
2. Femme Fatale
3. O, Dana
4. Big Black Car
5. Holocaust
6. Kangaroo
7. Thank You Friends

Makes more sense this way doesn't it?

C. said...

that is a much better sequence, though I think the Ryko does end with "Take Care," which isn't too bad. "Thank You Friends" makes the most sense as a closer, though.

the biggest flaw in the Ryko is that it starts with "Kizza Me," a song i never liked much, and a pretty odd way to kick off such a mellow/bleak album. "Kizza" and "you can't have me" (another track that doesn't really fit this LP) seem to be best slotted together, mid-side, as the '78 album has it.

hope you had a good holiday, ted!


fantom said...

I agree... The PVC sequencing is the one that brought me to consider this, well, my favorite record of all... Resequenced in iTunes based on what the Big Star biography said was the intended sequence, but just doesn't have the same emotional impact...

Anonymous said...

On my prized Ardent test pressing copy with labels hand written by Alex the sequence is:

I- Stroke It, Downs, Femme Fatale, Thank You Friends, Holocaust, Jesus, Blue Moon

II- Kizza Me, Fireplace, Dana, Nighttime, Whole Lotta Shakin, Kanga-Roo, Take Care

But I prefer the PVC sequence.

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herc takes five said...

the pvc version is not perfect but much better than the ryko (although i like the cover/artwork better on the ryko). thank you friends HAS to be last, regardless of what alex said. it's a closer. take care would be my second choice.