Tuesday, October 14, 2008

History Lesson

There's a joke about rock bands, that when they get too big and fall out of touch with their audience, they start writing songs about the trials and tribulations of being on the road. It's a cliche in 1980's rock videos. You know, being on the bus, looking wistfully out the window as you roll into another town. Whatever.

Here's a group of songs by an array of artists, that look to their band as a subject for their song. This is almost, but not exclusively, the provenance of British bands: the idea of being in a band as being a member of a gang. The Clash perfected this concept. I was hard pressed to pick just one of their songs. "Clash City Rockers" was the obvious first choice, but isn't really on the subject. It's no secret that they modeled themselves after Mott, or at least guitarist Mick Jones did, and that's a good thing. Railroad Jerk tells a tall tale. The Mekons have a sense of humor about it, but the Mekons are "a band that deals in the facts of life." The Minutemen are dewey-eyed romantic punks name-checking their forebears. Felt are jangly, and Them are Irish, slightly menacing, and very intense.


"History Lesson - Part II" mp3
by The Minutemen, 1984.
available on Double Nickels on the Dime

"The Ballad Of The Band" mp3
by Felt, 1986.
available on Stains on a Decade

"Sympathy For The Mekons" mp3
by The Mekons, 1987.
available on Honky Tonkin'

"The Ballad Of Railroad Jerk" mp3
by Railroad Jerk, 1995.
available on One Track Mind

"The Story of Them Parts 1 & 2"
by Them, 1967.
available on The Story of Them Featuring Van Morrison

"The Ballad Of Mott The Hoople" mp3
by Mott The Hoople, 1973.
available on Mott

"All The Young Punks" mp3
by The Clash, 1978.
available on Give 'em Enough Rope



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Anonymous said...

How about X's "True Love (pt2) off their More Fun in the New World disc. I think that fits your theme. Great post, by the way.

Ted Barron said...

You are probably thinking of "I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts" which is great, but more about the music scene than about the band. Thanks for tuning in.

Anonymous said...

By the time the WEB SHERIFF finds all the "pirated" sound files of Van's songs, he won't have a fan base left. WEB SHERIFF should know that their actions have led to Morrison being put on an unofficial bloggers blacklist. I'll never post any of his songs again, that's for sure.

Ted Barron said...

Agreed. It's shame, but there's no choice but to comply. In two years of doing this Van's Sheriff is the only request I've received for removal.

Paul said...

At least web sheriff posts a comment on your blog asking you to take down the track.

I just had a post removed by blogger without any notice. The song was that hot new hit from The Band called "I Shall Be Released."

I think it's kind of odd that tracks older than me (almost) are getting taken down. Maybe I'm overestimating the effect of blogs on the younger generation, but you'd think it would help create interest that might lead to sales of the full album. Oh well.

Cookie said...

I'm actually kinda impressed. I've been doing Bedazzled for like 5 years or so and have never gotten this type of request. You got it goin' on like Phillies Blunt.

Ted Barron said...

Goin' on and goin' strong. Hey Cookie,
didn't you run into a tussle with Dick Clark?

JSG said...

Speaking of, looks like Moistworks had run afoul of something or other.

Ted Barron said...

That looks like a server issue.

bigsteveno said...

Another good one would have been Sir Doug's Recording Trip. It's on one of the Sir Douglas Quintet's Mercury albums, not sure which one.