Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Oh well, whatever, nevermind.

September has nearly gotten away from us. Things have been quiet here, I know. I've got a few posts up my sleeve - just no time to do them. So, with a few hours left in the month, a few versions of a simple and perfect pop classic.


"September Gurls" (Studio Rehearsal) mp3
by Big Star, 1974.
available on Nobody Can Dance

"September Gurls"
by Superdrag, 1996.
available on I Know the Score

"September Gurls" mp3
by Alex Chilton, 1977.
Live at the Ocean Club
available on Beale Street Green

"September Gurls" mp3
by The Bangles, 1986.
available on Different Light

"September Gurls"
by Big Star, 1974.
available on Radio City

Editors note: As pointed out by Will Rigby - Boogie Woogie Flu contributor, and author of our most popular post ever - The dB's did NOT back up Alex Chilton on this live version, as I had originally stated here. Considering that at least two members of the dB's read this blog, I apologize for not checking my facts first. The recording comes from a bootleg, and while they are often less than reputable in their liner notes, song titles, and recording information, I hastily took it for granted.

Here's what Will had to say: "Nope. Not us. No matter what the album says, the dB's did not exist until '78, and never performed that song with or without Alex. It's his 1977 band, Stamey on bass, Lloyd Fonoroff (sp?) on drums (Fran Kowalski was in the band on keys, although I don't think he's on this, sounds like a trio)."

I stand corrected.

Photograph by Garry Winogrand, World's Fair, New York, 1964.
© Estate of Garry Winogrand


rebekah turshen said...

i am behind in my downloading!
i saw his pictures once!
i wish i could go on vacations

James said...

1. I like your blog.
2. I have heard a lot aboiut Big Star but never bought anything, therefore where do i start.
Yours sincerely.
James Cailet.

Anonymous said...

Great song, and fun to hear it in so many versions. Thanks. The cd of Third and Sister Lovers is as good a place as any to start with Big Star, I'd say, (at least it's the first disc of theirs I had!)

Christian Patterson said...


You can't go wrong with Big Star studio albums. My favorite is "Third/"Sister Lovers." Enjoy.


Ted Barron said...


I'll second Christian's
recommendation although all three records are worth getting and have distinctly different flavors. #1 Record is the crafty pop record with harmonies and Chris Bell. Radio City is the Rock n' Roll record, slightly frayed around the edges, and Third (my favorite) is the a sprawling collection of distinctly dissonant and beautiful songs - As much a collaboration with producer Jim Dickinson as it is a Big Star record. My only gripe is I don't like the sequencing of songs on the commonly available version, only because I know it from it's vinyl release. Have fun, you're lucky to just find this now.


Ariella said...

This post makes my heart sing.

Baden-Joost said...

Just to be different (but honest), I prefer Radio City myself. But whichever way you go, you're about to have a treat. Big Star is big fun.

fantom said...

Timing excellent Ted. The song came on in the joint where I was having dinner with a younger friend who I talk music with -- who'd never noticed my Big Star/Chilton obsession -- and here's the whole histiography....

December Boy said...

Here's a musical jigsaw of sorts...My sister had The Bangles "Different Light" album on cassette in '86, and "September Gurls" was my favourite song on their album. Many years later I heard the Big Star original (via Teenage Fanclub talking them up - they also used to play it live), bought #1 Record, Radio City and Third/Sister Lovers, and revisited The Bangles' album just to hear their version again, which stands up pretty well.