Tuesday, May 6, 2008

French Symbolist Rock! (from Cleveland)

Nevertheless, there it was, land with its noises, its passions,

all its wares and its festivities; it was a dazzling, a magnificent

land full of promises, and from which a mysterious perfume of

musk and roses came drifting out to us, like an amorous
the myriad music of life.

Charles Baudelaire
from Paris Spleen, 1869.


"Baudelaire" mp3
by Peter Laughner, 1975.
available on Take the Guitar Player for a Ride
out of print


Anonymous said...

forerunner to symbolists sounds cooler.

Anonymous said...

Pete was not much of a rocker, enthused yes, but live, he was weak. But the legend is bigger than his talent ever was. I saw him perform many times in Cleveland in the 70s. And he sure was no Lester Bangs. Kind of sad, really. RIP Pete...

Anonymous said...

Pete was a force for getting disparate characters together through music art; he did a spirited "Stop Breakin Down" with the Mr Stress Blues Band at the Brick Cottage on Euclid Ave., a rockingly hilarious version of the 13th Floor Elevators Fire Engine at the Cellar Door. Baudelaire in a blue work shirt playing guitar in Cleveland. Can you dig it?