Monday, March 10, 2008

Chokin' Kind

"You can kill a man with bullets poison or a knife
But it hurts him more to take his pride and run his life"
-Harlan Howard

There are dozens of versions of this song. This is the one. Songwriter Harlan Howard wrote thousands of (mostly country) songs. I'd hold this up against any of them. It's another Swamp Dogg production, a classic soul/blues record made in Nashville and performed by Z.Z. Hill.


"The Chokin' Kind" mp3
by Z.Z. Hill, 1973.
out of print


Anonymous said...

Hill's version is great, but I put my money on Chuck Jackson's 1969 version. Joe Simon also did a fine one.

Anonymous said...

What an awesome voice. Why haven't I heard of this man before? It's unfortunate.

This is a great version of the song. Joss Stone did a killer cover of Chokin' Kind, though, and that's still my favorite.

Melissa said...

Yo - you wrote a comment on my blog ?! ... That made my day.

Made with blues from Brooklyn. Here's a song for you: