Monday, October 8, 2007

Stop, Think, and...


"Stop And Think It Over" mp3
by The Compulsive Gamblers, 2000.
available on Crystal Gazing Luck Amazing

"Think" mp3
by The "5" Royales, 1957.
available on Monkey Hips and Rice

"Think" mp3
by James Brown, 1960.
available on The CD of JB 2

"Think" mp3
by Vicki Anderson and James Brown, 1967.
available on Mother Popcorn

"Think" mp3
by James Brown, 1973.
available on The CD of JB

"Think It Over" mp3
by Guitar Slim, 1955.
available on Sufferin' Mind

"Please Think It Over" mp3
by Roscoe Shelton, 1959.
available on Roscoe Shelton Sings

"Think It Over" mp3
by Buddy Holly and The Crickets, 1958.
available on Gold


"Think It Over" (take 1) mp3
"Think It Over" (take 2) mp3
take 2 for completists and minimalists only
mostly silence
"Think It Over" (take 3) mp3
"Think It Over" (take 4) mp3
"Think It Over" (take 5) mp3
by Buddy Holly and The Crickets, 1958.
from What You Been A Missin'


david j said...

Sorry you're in such a melancholy state......well only sorry for whatever you must be going through because sorrow, heartache, and loneliness have produced and inspired such great music as we can see in you recent posts

Preston Lauterbach said...


I love the illustrations and the tight themes.Keep it strong.
I'll holler at you when I figure out what TB Records was all about.

Be peaceful,