Thursday, February 8, 2007

Moody's Mood

Photo: James Moody, 1951 © Herman Leonard

When I was a teenager, whiling away in my lonely purgatory and waiting 'til I could get the fuck out of St. Louis, I used to hang out at a record store called Vintage Vinyl. It was a small place back then with records everywhere, from the floor to the ceiling. The proprietors must have taken pity on me. Everyday I was in there looking through the stacks of used records, seeing what came in, what I had never heard, asking stupid questions, listening and learning. Most of the time I bought from the middle rack which was loosely Punk/New Wave. On the right side of the store was the Rock section; I also bought a lot of the records there. On the left side were the Jazz, Blues, R & B, and a very well stocked selection of Jamaican imports. I dabbled in all of these sections, but without exactly knowing what was what. Around the time I was sixteen or so, I started buying Jazz records. Mostly the obvious. Bird. Miles. Monk. One day, Lew Prince, one of the owners, foisted a James Moody album on me. I didn't know what it was, but I trusted his opinion and bought it. I took it home, played it, and felt like I'd been sold a bill of goods that wasn't for me. It sounded tame and a little boring. I was an ignorant kid trying to expand my horizons, but I wasn't gonna have any of this. So, having fewer scruples than cash I scratched the record and took it back. To this day, I feel guilty about this every time I listen to James Moody. So, Lew, if your reading this, I'm sorry and I think I get it now.

"The Flight" mp3
by James Moody and his Quartet, 1949.
available on James Moody 1949-1950

"I'm In The Mood For Love" mp3
by James Moody and his Band, 1949
available on James Moody 1949-1950


"Moody's Mood For Love" mp3
by King Pleasure with Teacho and Blossom Dearie, 1952.
available on Moody's Mood for Love


"Lester Leaps In" mp3
by James Moody and his band, 1949.
available on James Moody 1949-1950

"Out of Nowhere" mp3
by James Moody and his Band , 1949.
out of print


"Lester Leaps In #1" mp3
by Lester Young, 1946.
available on Prez Conferences

"Out of Nowhere" mp3
by Charlie Parker Quintet, 1947.
available on The Complete Savoy and Dial Studio Recordings

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